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We are delighted to share an impressive year with you, our partners,

as eOne continues to grow our portfolio through strategic acquisitions,

equity investments and strong organic growth. Additionally, we continue

to work with internal and third party producers, doubling in the last year

our investment in development, creating and delivering groundbreaking

television across multiple genres to leading platforms around the world.

This year we celebrate eOne becoming the second largest television distributor

in the UK (Broadcast Distributors Survey 2017), behind only BBC Worldwide,

and jumping from Number 5 to Number 2 in one year, doubling the size of our

business with a 100.9% growth.

We are pleased to share our new company structure that brings TV and

Film together, establishing a new global Film, TV and Digital studio and a

combined sales distribution division. This endeavour promises to provide

opportunities for improved efficiency and streamlined operations for the

benefit of our partners and clients.

This change will help us to better understand and align with our clients’

needs, and strengthen our products and services in one relationship. By

forming a fully-integrated development, production, financing and distribution

business for the Film and TV markets, we can more effectively support our

partners who share our ambitions.

We are excited for what is to come and look forward to working with you in

the next year and beyond, creating the future of entertainment.

Stuart Baxter

President, International Distribution, Entertainment One